Cleaning Consultants tip – Laundering Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

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Cleaning Consultants tip – Laundering Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

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FM Contract Solutions team of expert cleaning consultants often encounter cleaning issues relating to poor maintenance or lack of maintenance of Microfibre cloth. Effective Laundering of Microfibre cleaning cloths is essestial to maintain cleaning standards and prevent cross contamination.

Microfibre is, by design, a superior cleaning agent that attracts and holds onto a variety of organic and inorganic soils. If these contaminants are not effectively removed by the laundering process there will be a rapid deterioration in cleaning efficacy and increased risk for staff and building occupants. Microfibre cloths can act as an ideal breeding ground for bacteria growth and cross contamination.

It is important that contractors and in-house cleaning managers look closely at the care and maintenance of microfibre mops and cloths, with a particular emphasis on effective laundering procedures and protocols to minimise cross contamination.

Many cleaning contractors ‘clean’ their microfibre by manual rinsing or dipping the cloth in disinfectant. This is very poor practice as it does not release the soil load and can lead to rapid deterioration of cloths and mops and loss of cleaning effectiveness. Common Quat-based disinfectants, for instance, reduce cleaning efficiency of microfibre and have limited effectiveness in lowering bacterial contamination unless the cloth is thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Consequently, contractors could find that they are increasing their workload and exposing their workers and clients to health risks by spreading dirt and contaminants onto surfaces, rather than removing them.

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