Contract Management Software

FM Contract Solutions use and recommend CiMAS Contract Management Software for the management of soft service Contracts
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Cimas Contract Management Software is soft service contract management software for b0th Facility Managers and Service providers. CiMAS adapts easily to any situation and application and can manage multiple contracts on multiple sites simultaneously.

CiMAS is used by Government & Local Government, major Corporations, the Resource sector, Manufacturers, Universities and service providers to manage their service contracts. To find out more please contact us now!


CiMAS Contract Management Software is the perfect solution for Facility Managers, Cleaning Contractors and In-House Cleaning managers to measure, manage and monitor service delivery, contract compliance and cleaning standards.

CiMAS manages quality inspections, OH & S inspections, Work Orders, Contract pricing, Sub-Contractors, Invoicing, customer Surveys, Problem Reporting and Time in Attendance/ CiMAS is web-based Software and can be accessed from any PC, Tablet or smart Phone. There are no messy installation issues. Just log in and Manage your operations.

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FM Contract Solutions use and recommend CiMAS Cleaning Management Software
FM Contract Solution use and recommend CiMAS Cleaning Audit software for auditing cleaning operations

Cleaning Audit Software

CiMAS Cleaning Audit Software is a flexible software platform that can be used for auditing cleaning,  generating reports, Service quality management and Contract compliance.

As your business grows or your situation changes, CiMAS can be scaled up to a complete contract Managements System that includes Work Orders  & Work Order tracking, Costing, quoting and estimating, Problem reporting, Time & Attendance and customer surveys.

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Grounds Maintenance Software

Managing grounds maintenance has never been easier! CiMAS Contract Management Software enables Facility Managers and contractors to manage their service delivery and quality standards.

CiMAS can be used as a powerful auditing and reporting tool and can be scaled up to include Work Orders, Costing & Quoting, Time & Attendance, Invoicing and much more.

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CiMAS Grounds Maintenance Software is the perfest tool for Facility Managers, Councils and Contractors to manage their service quality
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Building Inspection Software

CiMAS is the perfect Software solution for Building Inspections. With CiMAS, you can keep track of all your assets, conduct, manage and follow through on building and Asset Inspections, issue & track Work Orders, instigate problem reporting and maintain a photo record of issues found and work that has been done.

CiMAS also has a Time in Attendance option which keeps track of employees and contractors working on your sites. Time & Attendance is GPS enabled and Employees and Contractors can log on and log off with their mobile phone.

CiMAS Time in Attendance is an ideal solution for employees working alone or working on remote sites. You always know where they are and how long they were on site.

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