Cleaning Audits

Cleaning Audits for In House and contracted services

Providing visible outcomes and Value for Money!

Our national team of experienced Professional Auditors specialise in Cleaning Audits and Contract Performance Audits for Commercial Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance in commercial and Healthcare facilities. Our Contract Performance Audits measure service quality and compliance to contract KPIs at your facility using Cimas Performance Management Software.

The importance of Objectivity in Cleaning Audits

Cleaning Audits need to be conducted as an independent, objective analysis. Relying on internal cleaning audits or contractor audits has limitations as the results can be influenced by relationships, experience, knowledge of cleaning and lack of objectivity. The best solution is a balance of internal and external audits conducted by trained industry specialists.

FM Contract Solutions provide objective & thorough third party cleaning audits with comprehensive reports on all aspects of Contract Compliance and service delivery. Our experienced audit team are experts in cleaning and can troubleshoot issues before they become problems, saving money for both the customer and the service provider.

Third party auditing of cleaning contracts are part of the Contract Performance Management process. They are an important management tool to provide contract visibility, ensure value for money, expose inefficiencies and promote processes of improvement.

Regular Third Party Auditing will enable Facility Managers and Service providers to look at all the elements involved in the cleaning process to identify not just what has failed, but why it has failed and how can the failure be eliminated in the future by more effectively managing resources.

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